Glimpses of Humanity, a joint exhibition by artist Lori Ferguson and her photographer daughter Jorja, showed at Cre8ery Gallery between April 11 and April 23, 2019.

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Exhibition Statement:
Humanity is intertwined in relationship to all things on earth.  We are connected to the animals, plants, trees, rocks, wind, water and the sky.  All are one in some way.  All affect each other in some way.  Without question humans, being the most complex, prolific and powerful of earth’s inhabitants, has the greatest impact on everything else.  There is no place on earth free from the touch of the human element.  Human hands have made their mark on all things.

The question remains, will our final impact on the planet be for better or worse?  We invite you to let our work impact you and help you to reflect on that question.  Look intently at every piece and let the power and responsibility of what it means to be human affect you.


About the Photography:

I created this series of images by double exposing a roll of Kodak 400 film on my Canon AE-1.  First, I photographed the hands of some people I love very much and then I captured some plants and nature scenes overtop. The result of double exposed film is always a bit of a mystery and I love the element of randomness that it adds to the final result.
This series, to me, represents the connectedness of earth and humanity, and the dependence upon one another for survival. I’ll leave you with a quote that I pondered throughout the creation of these pieces.
“If we kill off the wild, then we are killing a part of our souls” (Jane Goodall)
                    — Jorja Loewen —
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About the Paintings:
Life’s journey has lead me to a deep place of reflection.  From this place, I have spent much time thinking about the impact I have had as a human person on the earth.  Some of that impact has not been what I wish it was.  Yet, from my current position, I see much hope.  Hope that I still have the power to make a positive impact with the time I have left.  We all do.

These paintings are meant to express all of that.  The work is a creative attempt to help the viewer feel the impact of our choices on the earth, as a collective people called humanity and to ignite an emotional and cerebral response which becomes a catalyst for a rising belief that it is not too late.  Through collage, acrylic and ink I have done what I can to paint a picture of both our impact and our hope.  I feel profoundly good about that.  In the end my voice, heard through my artwork, is the best weapon I have to combat complacency and hopelessness.
We are part of an extraordinary world.  We can only walk through it with respect once we understand that everything is connected and everything is sacred.
We have never left Eden.
                    — Lori Ferguson —