EVE — the original patriarchal fable

I have been frustrated lately by people’s negative comments about Greta Thunberg.  Meme’s and stories are circulating around the internet trying to discredit her work.  It has really got my anger aroused and I wish I could do something to protect her from the storm of lies and half-truths that have been unleashed by people… Read More

Becoming Zen

I stumbled into some truly impressive eastern art while on vacation in Minneapolis and Chicago.  There was an abundance of temple artifacts, statues much like this Buddha I began painting recently.  I am beyond fascinated by the differences in religions from around the world, but more so by what they have in common.  Have you… Read More

Somewhere in Manitoba

I took this photo on the east side of the river as we drove between Selkirk and Winnipeg. It struck me as such a typical Manitoba scene. There is something beautiful about all of the abandoned farmsteads, barns and sheds that are scattered throughout the province, as any prairie girl could tell you. They are… Read More

New Art Studio!

NEW Art Studio Announcement! Hey friends! I am excited to announce that as of the 1st of November my art studio will be moving from my home studio into the Cre8ery studio and gallery on Adelaide Street in Winnipeg. After that, I will be working and creating most of my art from that space, as… Read More

The Creative Force

I think most artists would tell you that they are deeply spiritual people.  To be an artist is to know at your core that the creativity that passes through you comes from another place.  And that place is a place of spirit and of light.  A place of peace and healing and love.  A place… Read More

Late Night Creating

I am not sure why exactly, but some of my best creative moments have happened in the middle of the night lately.  Loving the beachy sense of shore and water that is happening here!