Lori Ferguson: oil painter, modern impressionist
Lori Ferguson is a professional artist with a working studio in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.  For many years, Lori resourcefully used her creative gifts in her work as a spiritual leader, speaker, writer and musician bringing innovation, expression and art into everything she did. The artistic drive, combined with a pursuit of excellence, has lead her to expect that her work will communicate her thoughts and ideals to her community.  In the last years, however, Lori has chosen to focus solely on painting and has thrown herself fully into producing the best art that she can.
Lori has worked with a variety of mediums throughout her art career, such as acrylic, collage and mixed media. Always one to push boundaries, test limits and see how far imagination can take her, she likes to keep her options open to ensure her creative expression will not be limited or boxed in.  Currently, however, Lori has chosen to use mainly oil paint as her medium of expression as it provides a wonderful opportunity for colour and texture in her work.
Lori’s training has been unorthodox. She absorbs technique, concepts, ideas and knowledge like a sponge and finds that being around excellence has been her best tool to learn her trade. Therefore, she loves to position herself to learn from the best professional artists she can find.

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