I have been frustrated lately by people’s negative comments about Greta Thunberg.  Meme’s and stories are circulating around the internet trying to discredit her work.  It has really got my anger aroused and I wish I could do something to protect her from the storm of lies and half-truths that have been unleashed by people who either fear her unexpected power or are jealous of the opportunity before her which seems to have sprung out of nowhere.  I for one think she is a rare creature of courage and pure motive and I am awed by her determination in the face of such opposition.
As I mulled it over, I thought of Eve.  The original object of patriarchal lies and fables spun for the simple reason of suppressing the feminine power that could change everything.  (Disclaimer — I don’t believe that Patriarchy means men.  I know plenty of women patriarchs and plenty of men that exist gloriously outside of the patriarchy.  Patriarchy is simply the SYSTEM that lifts a certain part of the population and holds down others — like women, the LGBTQ community, people of other races or faiths, etc.  Patriarchy seeks to gain at the expense of others, period.)
So this is Eve.  Whether she ever existed or not, I don’t know.  What I know is that someone (Moses?) wrote down a fable about her that condemned her to be the cause of original sin and the fallen state of humanity and left her (and every women who came after her) with a sentence of oppression…”now he will rule over you” — and that we have been trying to throw off that story ever since.
To Greta I say, “Go forth and multiply your power, super girl.  Change the world.  Be yourself unapologetically.  Use every opportunity.”  I am just thankful to have been alive to see you rise up.
“EVE — the original patriarchal fable”
24 x 18 inches
Oil on Canvas

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