Becoming Zen


I stumbled into some truly impressive eastern art while on vacation in Minneapolis and Chicago.  There was an abundance of temple artifacts, statues much like this Buddha I began painting recently.  I am beyond fascinated by the differences in religions from around the world, but more so by what they have in common.  Have you ever noticed how we fashion our “gods” to look like ourselves?  In the west, we have a white christian god—a father-like figure with a white beard and his son, white Jesus, who looks remarkably European.  In the east, we find buddhas and statues of gods who look like they could come to life and walk among the people as if they were simply part of the general population.

What strikes me is that the god-stories that we have created throughout humanity’s history are really stories about ourselves.  They are the story of humanity.  They depict the human struggle and our desire to rise above and find greatness.  They depict our deep unspoken understanding that in some way, we are the best hope for our planet and for humanity, that we will be its salvation.

I will be painting a series of spiritual artifacts in the next few weeks, like the one pictured here, which is still a work in progress.  I will keep you posted on when they will become available for viewing and sale.  I am definitely excited about this group of work!

“Becoming Zen”
36 x 24 inches
Oil on Canvas

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