The Creative Force

I think most artists would tell you that they are deeply spiritual people.  To be an artist is to know at your core that the creativity that passes through you comes from another place.  And that place is a place of spirit and of light.  A place of peace and healing and love.  A place that refuses to leave the world the way it is, but emerges to re-create what is broken into something beautiful again.  The art that moves through us has a will of its own.  Often, it is impossible to stop it from coming out in some form or other.  It seeks to express the truth that change is not only possible, but imminent and it works to help us catch glimpses of a better life.

The creative force is a healing force–in every way.  Surround yourself with as many creative works as you can…and you will surround yourself with the very force of life.

Pink Flow

“Pink Flow” — — 20″x24″ Acrylic on Canvas — $75

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